The Problem We Solve

Amazingly, more than two decades into the Internet age, only about 1 in 4 of the $25.00 trillion in global B2B transactions is digitized. In the United States, the proportion is even less—only about 1 in 9.

The result: more than $4.00 trillion in lost sales and unneeded costs each year, through overstocks, stock-outs, supply-chain interruptions, and lost sales opportunities.

The solution: Crowdz.


The EDI Challenge

Today, the vast majority of the world’s business transactions take place via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and other antiquated technologies.

EDI and these other technologies make onboarding complex, time-consuming, and costly—and prohibitive for millions of small & midsize businesses. Worse, transactions often take weeks, even months to complete.

If you’ve ever used EDI, you know.


The Crowdz Solution

With Crowdz, business transactions—ranging from purchase orders & invoices to payments & letters of credit—can be executed almost instantly.

Business partners—from the smallest SMBs to the largest enterprises—can be brought on line in days or even hours, not the weeks or months it takes today.

And the cost? A fraction of what conventional technologies require.

Isn’t it time to make the switch?


The Ultimate in Security

Transactions and document exchanges on Crowdz take place in an environment featuring the ultimate in security.

Because Crowdz is built on the industrial-strength Ethereum blockchain, your data & documents are 100% securely archived in a tamper-proof format that ensures they’ll always remain in their original, completely accurate state.

Crowdz: security you can trust.™


A Single Standard

Most importantly, Crowdz solves the most pervasive problem with EDI: the lack of standardization.

With our Transaction Standard (ZTS) Protocol, financial transaction & document exchanges take place on crowdz according to a single, consistent global standard. And Crowdz’s straightforward API integration provides backward compatibility with all flavors of EDI and other transaction technologies.

All transactions. One standard. Business doesn’t get any simpler than that.


Solutions For All

Crowdz offers solutions for businesses of all sizes and all industries;

Flexible plug-and-play solutions for small businesses. Industry-specific solutions for midsize firms. And fully customized solutions for global enterprises.

Let us show you how you can accelerate your business to digital lightspeed today.